Travel Trailer or RV?

Deciding on the Best Route

We’re in the planning stages of this RV life scenario. Naturally, I decided to drive around and take a peek at a few used RV’s in our local area. At our 3rd stop the salesman insisted we didn’t want an RV. He proceeded to explain that a travel trailer was absolutely the way to go.

The salesman’s biggest reasoning for insisting this route: the cost of a used RV versus a new travel trailer & a truck/SUV to tow the trailer. His reasoning was simple. We can essentially purchase a new travel trailer and a used tow vehicle for the same price as a (very) used RV. Newer is better than older – especially when it comes to RVs. Seemed like a definite plus to me.

Another big plus: RVs are known to break down, and when they do (not if), only a qualified technician can perform the repair. A truck or SUV, on the other hand, can be repaired by just about any mechanic. And probably the biggest plus in all of this, if the truck or SUV did need to be repaired down the road, you could find a qualified backup vehicle very easily and just about anywhere. Not so much with the RV.

Travel Trailer or RV Recreational Vehicle

The upside here is you’re buying a brand new trailer opposed to a used RV. Yes, the tow vehicle will be used, just like the RV. A truck or SUV, however, is a lot more fixable than the RV. I’ll take an automobile with 100,000 miles on it over the RV engine with 50,000 miles, any day of the week.

We were very sure that we were going with RV, but we really had no idea what we were doing. This I suppose.. is why people plan things.

With this latest uncovering, I think we’re almost certainly going with a travel trailer. Now… which travel trailer do we go with….

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