One Year On The Road

We purchased our travel trailer one-year ago with the intention of living in it for about a year and “seeing how it goes.” It was more of a “thought” than anything – a “dream” so to speak. A really, really, long road trip. Then, after quite a bit of research, we just went for it.

At that time, the overall feeling between Chasity and I was anxious skepticism. Campers at heart, this wasn’t much of a challenge for a few weeks, or even a few months. This time however, it seemed different – we were embarking on a year-long journey. How would the showering be? Would our food stay cold? Will this lifestyle get exhausting? How will we work on the road? I could go on, and on. Too many questions were on our minds…

Sunset at RV Park in Escalante, Utah
Sunset at RV Park in Escalante, Utah

Today, we hit the 1-year mark, June 27, 2017. What an amazing journey it has been so far. One year in, and without question, we have no intention of stopping anytime soon.


The food stays cold. The showers are just like home. We can work from anywhere with cellphone reception. And we feel as refreshed as ever. So many questions, answered.

Six months ago we found out we’re expecting our first child. Even with the baby due in less than 3-months – we don’t have any extraordinary apprehensions about continuing our adventure with a newborn.

I can honestly say that I’m surprised at how easy it has been to live this nomadic lifestyle. I figured there would be more downside. For an ice cream fanatic like myself, I assumed the freezer wouldn’t be cold enough to keep ice cream cold. I assumed the showers would be cold with no water pressure. We’ve been pleasantly surprised. Every aspect of living on the road has been amazing with no drawbacks.

I recommend this lifestyle for any retiree on the planet. We meet retirees all the time at the places we stay, and they are some of the happiest people on the planet. It’s simple – they’re not stuck in one place all year. Sell the farm, sell the excess, and explore this wonderful country.

For younger people, I say, if your ability to generate income permits it, go for it! This is a minimalist lifestyle that will keep you grounded in the best way possible. The savings, the experience, it’s unmatched. We’ve met dozens of people with children of all ages; my opinion is young children can “hang” with no problem. Teenagers, are the ones who need more space.

You are on this planet for one reason – and that’s to live. Don’t ever forget that.

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