Trailer Living – Top 10 Questions

It has been one-year since we moved into our travel trailer. As we share our story and various adventures along the way, we seem to encounter a few questions more than others. In no particular order, here are a few of the most common questions we’ve been asked thus far:

Sparkle Like Sunshine in the Sierra Nevada Wilderness
Sparkle Like Sunshine in the Sierra Nevada Wilderness

#10 – What’s your bed like – comfy?

We have a queen bed in the master bedroom. Down-grading from the Cal-King in our apartment was a bit nerve-racking at first, but we adjusted quickly. We had the option of adding any mattress brand we preferred, it just had to be a queen. We selected an ideal memory foam mattress and never looked back.

#9 – How much money do you really save living in the trailer?

We have calculated approximately $1,600-2,000/month savings living in this trailer full-time. Keep in mind – we’re calculating this savings based on our alternate of renting an apartment here in Southern California. Depending on our travel plans, and where we’re staying, some months are better than others. We no longer have “rent” – just a cost for parking our trailer. “Rent,” if you want to call it that, is substantially less. Utilities are less. Everything costs less. A bonus we have yet to use: when the time comes to traveling abroad, we can store our trailer for a modest $60/month; using the savings on “rent” and putting it towards our trip.

#8 – How do you keep food cold?

We have a refrigerator built into the trailer. It keeps our food cold 24/7 365-days a year, whether we’re plugged into electricity, or boon-docking in the middle of nowhere. We could even park our trailer, go elsewhere for weeks at a time, and the fridge would just run if we wanted it to. The fridge has a normal freezer, too. Although, slightly smaller than a residential fridge, it’s certainly enough room for our small family.

#7 – What do you love most about living in the trailer?

The most surprising aspect of this lifestyle has been how easy it is to travel. Picking up and deciding to go somewhere has never been easier. We previously spent hours packing, and preparing, just to go somewhere for even a few days. All of that is behind us now that we’re in the trailer – we go where we want and it’s never a chore.

Whitney Portal Road - Sierra Nevada Mountains
Whitney Portal Road – Sierra Nevada Mountains

#6 – What do you dislike most about living in the trailer?

It’s been difficult to find anything that I have not enjoyed about this lifestyle thus far. I expected to this to be much more exhausting; it’s just not. If there’s one downside to living in a home on wheels, it’s having to pack up and leave when you’re just beginning to feel like a particular place is “home.” The friendships you make, the people you meet, the restaurants you visit, the grocery stores, everything becomes “home” very quickly. When you pack up and head elsewhere you have to leave these people and places behind. It’s a bittersweet feeling, because you know you’re off to a new place, to meet new people, and see new things.

#5 – Does it get cold at night in the trailer?

Our trailer is fairly well insulated for being a tin box on wheels. We feel pretty good at night unless we’re in an area with sub 40-degree temperatures. When it does get frigid outside, the thermostat is left on at night, and we keep it nice and toasty while we sleep.

#4 – Where the heck do you shower?

We have a full-bathroom w/ shower. Surprisingly, the water heater provides enough hot water to take an enjoyable shower. It’s fairly nice being able to take a shower whenever and where ever we like. When we’re in the middle of nowhere, or a campground, we have two tanks on board, one providing fresh water, and another for collecting bath water. When we’re in an RV park, it’s just like a home with water piped in from the ground, and waste going straight into the ground.

#3 – Do you have enough closet space?

My fiance has a ton of closet space. Myself, not so much. We easily manage with the space we have, which is saying something, because Chasity is a fan of clothes. We make it work fairly well. If there’s one thing this trailer has, it’s storage space.

#2 – Would you recommend this lifestyle to others?

To anyone, and everyone, a resounding yes! For retirees, I’d say this lifestyle is a must. Sell the farm, sell all the excess, get a small home to enjoy during the winter, and travel the country. I’ve never met happier people in my entire life. For the younger generation, I say, if you’re ability to generate income permits this lifestyle, do it! It will almost certainly be the best decision you ever made. Twenty or thirty years ago it just wasn’t possible to generate income and live a lifestyle like this. Because things have changed in that regard, I say, cease the moment if you can!

#1 – Where’s your favorite place to camp?

Perhaps the most common question! We love the Sierra Nevada range and everything along California Highway 395. We’re in love with Southern Utah, and there are a few spots on the ocean that are just tough to match. It’s tough to choose a favorite, because the next spot we choose always becomes our “new favorite.” We’re blessed to have hundreds of camping and RV park options within 400-miles of us in every direction. The American Southwest is a gem!

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