Finally Settled…

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It took us a few weeks but we’re finally settled.

What seemed like forever, a gradual process of removing items from our apartment and into the trailer finally culminated in large pile of items in our living room that we did not need. A bit of trash, a bit of Goodwill, more trash, some storage, it’s amazing how much you accumulate and forget about until you’re forced to go through it all.

Chasity has taken over 90% of the closet space, which is also very similar to home. Thankfully, I’m rather simple, and my little closet in the bedroom might just be all I need. Chasity seems to be doing quite well, too. We’ve done a good job of taking advantage of the closet space available to us.

Getting a handle on the ins and outs of the trailer was surprisingly easy. I figured there would be a few serious challenges, a bit of a learning curve, and a few major downsides to this type of living…

Everything seems to operate just as it would in a standard home. The shower, the kitchen, sleeping on a queen size bed, everything seems to be just like what we’re “used to.” The only difference here being water & power – in a trailer or RV you’re responsible for ensuring you have a supply of both.

When you’re situated in an RV park, National Park, or Campground with “hookups,” water and power come with the site you rent. It makes living easy, that’s for sure. We began this adventure in Chilao Campground in the Angeles National Forest. With no water and power – we had a quick crash course on how to maintain this lifestyle the hard way.

For water – Adding water from the campground with the 5-gallon water jug has been fairly easy. One or two trips a day is all we need and the water source was 50 feet away – not bad.

For power – Running the generator once a day along with this new 6-volt battery setup is our new morning routine. We get the coffee going, watch a bit of TV, answer a few emails, and the batteries get recharged all at the same time.

Every now and then the generator will flood and act up – I think I’ve managed to find a quick solution for that problem whenever it rears its ugly head. If there was one downside to this type of living, that was it…

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