Sam’s Family RV Park & Hot Springs

Sam Family RV Park - View from Site
Sam Family RV Park – View from Site

About 20 minutes North of Palm Springs lies a desert oasis that many people have no idea exists. The town of Desert Hot Springs is known for, you guessed it, their hot springs. It’s an odd little town with just about everything you need – groceries, gas, a Starbucks & Subway (of course), about six pizza joints, and more. It’s a rundown version of it’s neighbor across the way, Palm Springs, but Desert Hot Springs is nice in it’s own way.

The town is littered with RV resorts and hotels that claim they have natural hot springs. I can’t vouch for the others, but we found our hidden desert oasis and we’ll never go elsewhere. Sam’s Family RV Park in Desert Hot Springs was incredible in so many ways.

Upon arrival one thing was evident – the solitude of this place was amazing. We had the entire place to ourselves – a neighbor here, a neighbor there, it was nice to pick a spot wherever we liked. I know that summer is not their busy season, as this place fills up when it gets colder, but the peace and solitude was to be appreciated. We grabbed our spot, checked in, and made ourselves at home for a month.

Due to photoshoots and obligations back in LA we didn’t have a chance to visit the hot springs for a week. After getting in the hot springs for the first time however, it was game on, and this became a routine each and every night. Talking about it now makes me want to pack up and head right on over there. If not for the trek to work – that’s exactly where we’d be right now.

Sam Family RV Park - RV Site
Sam Family RV Park – Sunset

I can vouch for excellent staff, well kept grounds/facilities, and an amazing desert oasis. This is a great place to bring the family, with or without an RV, since they do have tent camping as well. Their pool is awesome and the hot tubs are exactly what you expect – piping hot mineral water. Sam’s also has a dry room/sauna along with a wet room. Definitely, one of the best wet rooms I’ve ever been in, as you’re literally standing on top of piping hot mineral water.

My only regret was not taking more pictures of their pool and spa area – it was very nice.

We’ll be back, Sam’s. Absolutely loved our time there and highly recommended for anyone reading.

Sam’s Family RV Park Located at:

Address: 70875 Dillon Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241
Phone: (760) 329-6457

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