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We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first two months of living in this trailer. From 6’500 feet elevation in the Angeles National Forest to sea level in Palm Desert, the past two months has been a nice little crash course with regard to RV living. The reality is.. this lifestyle is shockingly easy. As the saying goes, less is more. It’s funny because weeks after trashing and giving away loads and loads of belongings we never used – I certainly do not feel as though I have “less.”

Inside this trailer we have TV, internet, a shower with piping hot water, and a full kitchen. The view is always changing, cost of living is cheap, and we have all the essentials. As I shared in my last blog post, if there’s one downside to this lifestyle, it’s having to get up and move when you don’t want to..

And… that time is now. It’s time to plan our first “real” trip. DSC00939 2

In a few days we’ll pack up and head down to O’Neil Regional Park near the area I grew up. I’ve always heard good things about this park and last week we had a chance to drive through and scout the park – plenty big enough for our trailer. This will be fun, we’ll have a chance to catch up with friends and family who we barely get to see. I haven’t lived in Orange County for 6 years now – this will be a nice change of pace.

From there – the plan is to begin our trip up to Kanab, Utah. We’ll pass through Las Vegas and visit Valley of Fire – one of our all-time favorite places to visit, and Vegas’ best kept secret. After that we’ll continue up to Kanab, Utah – a beautiful town in Southern Utah that we’ve fallen in love with. Kanab, Utah is about an hours drive to the North Rim, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and so, so much more. We’ll be staying in Kanab for a few days – that’s for sure.

Toroweap Sunrise
Toroweap Sunrise

After the first leg of our trip the plan is to pack up again and circle over to Bryce Canyon, Grand Escalante along the way, then over to Monument Valley and Horseshoe Bend in North Eastern Arizona. This portion of the trip will take us through a few of the best highways this country has to offer. I can plan the first leg of this trip with precision, but this second leg is completely up in the air since the area is new to us. We’ll see how fast we make our way through Utah – no rush at all.

Wrapping up the trip we’ll be somewhere in the range of 12-14 days into our trip (hopefully). We’d like to spend a few days in Sedona as we make our way through Northern Arizona, and from there it’s a quick pitstop in Laughlin to visit a few friends, and back to California we come.

The entire trip should take somewhere between 17-20 days and we’re okay with 20-22 days at most.

I’d love to make this an even longer trip – four weeks or eight weeks – why even put a limit on it. That’s the goal. One day.


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