The One Downside to Trailer Life

We are two months into our adventure – and it’s been a rather incredible journey so far. Time is just flying right past us, and sometimes it’s hard to slow down and absorb everything that happens each day.

Camping at Rincon Parkway in Ventura, CA
Camping at Rincon Parkway in Ventura, CA

We brought the trailer to the forests and survived a few fires. Then, we were denied a spot at the ocean by (seemingly) every RV’er on the planet. When options were running out, and California was in the midst of a major heat wave, we joined the heat in Palm Desert. And now, for the past two weeks we’ve been living it up here in Jurupa Regional Park outside of LA.

A month ago we were moving out of our apartment and I had a conversation with our neighbor in the hallway.  We had already been living in our trailer for a few weeks and he and I were exchanging a few stories. Alex had a question about trailer life and asked, “what are the major downsides to trailer life thus far?” I thought for a second and couldn’t find an answer. I explained to him that it was shockingly hard to find even one thing that I didn’t like about the trailer lifestyle.

Two months in and I’ve finally found one thing that I don’t like about trailer life – having to move or change locations when you’ve settled into a place that you really like. If there’s one downside, that’s it.

Sparkle Like Sunshine in El Mirage, CA
Sparkle Like Sunshine in El Mirage, CA

I know the obvious response is – why not stay? After all, this is the point of living this lifestyle, to stay where you want, when you want. the downside is most campgrounds, regional parks, and national parks will limit stays to 14 consecutive days.

It goes without saying that it’s a bummer you can’t call Yosemite, or Joshua Tree, home for a month, but that’s somewhat obvious as those plaCes are unbelievably gorgeous, and deemed National Parks, for good reason.

The real bummer however, is when you find a nice local campground, or regional park, and it’s 95% empty week in and week out. It’s disappointing to have to pickup and go in just 14-days.

At last, I found something I don’t like about this lifestyle. I knew I would – surprised it took me this long!

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