Selecting the Right Generator

Selecting the correct generator is a fairly easy process once you know how much power you’re in need of. We did a lot of research before finally pulling the trigger on our generator, so I figured I’d share a few pointers.

I was advised to only purchase an inverter generator and I’d second this as a very good idea. Inverter generators provide clean power to your RV/trailer and the devices inside. A standard generator will do the job, but you’re compromising the integrity of your electrical wiring inside the RV/trailer, and this can be very costly to fix years down the road.

Westinghouse 2000iXLT Inverter Generator
Westinghouse 2000iXLT Inverter Generator

Inverter generators are also MUCH quieter than standard generators – the difference is pretty considerable and your neighbors at the campground will thank you. I’ve actually had people approach me at the campgrounds to let me know how quiet the generator was.

You will also appreciate the versatility of an inverter generator, they’re easy to pick up and move, and they store just about anywhere thanks to their insulated plastic enclosure.

Now, to the big questions, how much power do I need and which one should I buy?

POWER – A 2,000 watt generator is plenty of power for just about anyone. 2,000 watts is enough juice to power a TV, coffee maker, a few cellphone chargers, lights, and a few laptop chargers, all at once. We’ve yet to trip our switch running a single 2,000 watt generator. The only area a 2,000 watt generator falls short is powering an onboard A/C unit. Most A/C units will pull at least 2,500 watts, which means that you’ll need to pair two generators together or find a generator with 2,500+ running watts if you intend to run that A/C unit.

BRAND – When it comes to brand, I can only recommend two. The standard is a Honda 2,000 watt inverter generator. With only one major downside, it being expensive, you will have a hard time finding a quieter and more reliable generator. That being said, at less than half the price of the Honda, our Westinghouse 2,200 watt generator has been an absolute dream. You can pair both the Honda and Westinghouse with a second generator, upping your wattage to 4,000 and 4,400 watts respectively.

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