How to Stay Fit While Living on the Road?

I am often asked how I stay fit while living on the road. The truth is I don’t have any major beauty secrets, but I do have three simple rules I always like to follow.


1.  Drink Plenty of Water! wateristheway_web14dec15

I know you probably hear this all the time, but it’s true! Drink more water! Not only will this help you stay slim and healthy but your skin will thank you as well. Drinking plenty of water is a great habit.


Mind+Over+Matter2.  Get into a Routine 

The best way for me to not skip the gym is to get into a workout routine. Find a routine that works best for you and your lifestyle. I have come to find that when I get into a good workout routine, it is hard for me to want to skip my workout. Also, try keeping your workouts fresh by switching things up week by week so you don’t become bored. A fun iTune playlist always helps as well!


3. Do Something Fun 67d18e13661999.56276a8f84612

Do something fun and get outdoors! Go for a hike, biking, or a simple walk in the park. Anything that keeps you active and outdoors is a great way to burn off calories and get your heart rate going while enjoying some fresh air. Not only does this support your healthy lifestyle but you get a workout in without it feeling like one!

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